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The ONA Bowery Bag in Smoke and Leather

I’ve had many camera bags, several of them from Think Tank. I liked them, but I was never excited or in love with them (with exception of the Retrospective series).
I used to have a Canon 5D MkII and needed bigger bags, but after switching to the Fuji X system I needed something more portable.
This is the first bag I loved immediately. The bag fits my X-T1 and 35 1.4 with hood on (not reversed), the XF 55-200mm and with an extra divider I can even have the 14 2.8 in there. The 14 2.8 wouldn’t get it’s own spot, it kinda sits partially above the hood of the 35, but it all fits! I sed another divider that I had laying around for protection. Of course I have other small goodies on the side pockets like cleaning cloth, two extra batteries, Gordy Sling Strap, etc..
If I take the 55-200 out, then I can still nicely have 3 lenses in there. Oh and the pancake 27mm always fits in there since it’s so little.  Or, I could easily have the X100s and the X-T1 with a lens in there too.

I like the padding all around of the bag. The leather accents are a super nice detail. The strap is wide enough that the weight is well distributed and comfortable.
In general, this bag is awesome for me and my small camera needs.
I did not expect this bag to be so so nice.
I was in love with the bowery cognac leather look, but decided against it because of the extra weight. So I opted for the Smoke. My switch to the smaller camera system was, in part, about reducing weight. That said, the extra weight is probably not an issue at all for most people.

From left to right: 14mm 2.8, mini tripod, Gordy Sling Strap in Russet leather, 27 2.8 and Fuji X-T1 with 35 1.4 with hood and a Lance Strap in olive green.

Fuji X100s w/Gordy Camera Strap on Flickr.

Typical photobomb from a two year oldVia Flickr:
Photobomb from the two year old. Yes the camera has the @strobist gaffer tape hobo treatment (it’s just temporary)

X-T1 vs X100sX-T1 vs X100sX-T1 vs X100sX-T1 vs X100s

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